Friday, November 25, 2011

Sype Telkomsel, Unlimited Call and Messaging

This is new service from telkomsel.
Now, with your Telkomsel, you can enjoy unlimited call and messaging using Skype Telkomsel with only Rp 25.000/months

It's quit easy, just call to *363#, and follow the instruction
BUT Before you agree, please download first the "skype" software in to your mobile phone through,
For your information, I have tried in my Nokia C6, but unsuccessfull, the messages said "the page is not available". So lucky I'm, as I was not confirming yet (because once you confirm, Telkomsel will automatically deduct your balance/money Rp 25.000/months until you stop it).

If you need more information, you may visit


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Check Fair Usage Telkomsel Flash

Are you a FLASH user from Telkomsel? and wants to know your fair usage?

Write UL INFO and send to 3636

You will get reply "Sisa Fair Use Packet TSELFlash Unlimited Bulanan anda 0 MB. Berlaku s/d 10-11-2011 hingga pukul 23:59"

Also, to speed up your browser, you can do the following simple step:
  • Restart your comouter
  • Refresh or F5, 3 to 5 times
  • Move your modem to your different USB port (but sometimes not all modem will work well with this treatment, but you can try, as not harmful to your computer.

Other information? you may refer to


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Report SMS Fraud for Telkomsel Customer


If you get any SMS and you think that it's a fraud, here below the guide where you should report it :

  • Telkomsel customer : send the messages to 1166 with messages : penipuan#isi pesan#nomor pengirim, or you can call and report through Online Customer Care 111 from your Halo or 116 from your Simpati or Kartu AS. All are FREE.
  • "No incoming messages that will automatically cut your "pulsa". If you suspect or deceived through SMS, you may report to us" said Ricardo Indra, GM Corporate Communication Telkomsel to detikINET, on Wednesday (5/11/2011).

Friday, September 30, 2011

The power of Social Network

This is one side of  Social network like  Facebook, twitter, koprol and other....
Ass seen on Metro TV on "Kick Andy" the role of this social network is sometimes very important.

Imagine, there are some people lay weakly and need some "Blood" and PMI (Indonesian Red Cross) has no stock at all.... but once a relatives tweet in twitter and update the status in Facebook... and just in some minutes, people comes from anywhere to share his blood....

Of course this is amazing, because they come even they don't have any relation with the patient...., nor a relatives, nor a friend...

and I'm sure, NOT only "blood", if you need assistance, social network may facilitate you with the others...

Finally, I would like to say, that "heath" becoming very important once people are sick or ill.... money will has no meaning... and at that time, help from friend and relatives will be very meaningful!

And for sure, GOD is not blind for any good that you are doing... and GOD will not abandoning what you have done...

Your friend... Anas!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Core of Consensus Agreement (Musyawarah Mufakat)

Never think to win and dominate, but to get the best solution for all

Doomsday and Occult


- Al-Qur'an : Only Allah SWT (GOD) knows. So, if someone confess that he knows about doomsday, he should be crazy or liar

However GOD inform us clearly the signs of this doomsday :
- more and more people seditious to his parents
- aduteery is more and more (everywhere..?)
- and the most big signs is the sun rise will be from west (not east as usual..)

a friend was asking the prophet, when will be the doomsday? and the propet SAW ask back, "what are you prepared?"

Prophet SAW know the supernatural only if Allah SWT inform him.


Supernatural is relative.
For example, what is inside my pocket, for other people it could be a occult (unknown), but for me, is not!
or, if I say, when "Justin Bieber" died (still alive now)  compare to When "John F Kennedy" died! (long time ago)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Excell : Multiple Substitute

Sometime, when you are working on formula, you need to substitute many different characters, and your formula become very-very long.

To solve it, please use VBA code below, so, you will have a single instruction only. 

Function MultiSubstitute(CellToChange As Range, _
NameNumber As String) As String

  Dim X As Long
  Dim Data() As String
  Data = Split(NameNumber, ",")

  If (UBound(Data) + 1) Mod 2 Then
      MultiSubstitute = "#MISMATCH!"
      Exit Function
      MultiSubstitute = CellToChange.Value
      For X = 0 To UBound(Data) Step 2
      MultiSubstitute = Replace(MultiSubstitute, Data(X), _
      Data(X + 1), , , vbTextCompare)
   End If
End Function

After finish, you only need to type the following in to "cell", let say if you wan to change cell "C3"


P.S. The mismatch in the function is used to make sure you always have couples of data, in this case an accented and non-accented character
Under permission of :

10 Best University In Indonesia

I'm writing this during watching MetroTV 20 Sept 2011.

You may search Internet to find more information related to below universities. They are recognize both National and international

Here under the list, starting from BEST  rating to LOWER  rating according to MetroTV (The lowest rating is not listed)
  1. Institute Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
  2. Institute Teknologi Surabaya (ITS)
  3. Institute Pertanian Bogor
  4. Universitas Diponegoro (Undip)
  5. Universitas Pajajaran (Unpad)
  6. Universitas Negeri Jember (Unej) - Favorit di Jawa Timur
  7. Universitas Gunadarma (UG)
  8. Universitas Parahyangan (Unpar)
  9. Universitas Brawijaya Malang (Unbra)
  10. Universitas Bina Nusantara (Binus)
Some famous university is not listed, but that is the research...!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Excell : Hide sheet

Do you have "secret" sheet to be hidden in Excell?
If you click right on the sheet and select "Hide" anyone can "unhide" it to see the "sheet"

I know, and your sheet will be invisible in "unhide" area.
The step:
For example you want "sheet1" is invisible.
- Go to VBA editor by "ALT+F11"
- Select "sheet1" in" project" sheet
- Select "2xlSheetVeryHidden" in Properties area.

Close VBA editor, and you can and you will find that "sheet1" is not visible, even in "unhide" area.


Excell : Fast access to VBA

Press "ALT+F11" will bring you direct to Visual Basic Editor.

Let me know if this is help you

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Trick How to Sell Fast

I have some un-useful goods and I need to sell it on line, but very difficult.
No one call me for bargaining or interested in my goods.

I thinks the following could be the problem

  1. Media : I'm not using the righ media to promote. This media could be less visitor or may be other factor
  2. Search Engine : My product possibly not recognize fast by search engine, or recognise but put at the end of the "search" result.
  3. Price : May be also my price is not competitive with the goods condition that I offer?

And may be more  reason why I failed??

If any one can advise, it will great, on how to sell everything fast ONLINE.

Subscribe Facebook SMS

In the past, once I registered my phone with Facebook, it was easy, and as soon I got the confirmation code.

I got this confirmation code say that click the link with code ta7zb2

But, due to some reason, I delete my phone number in Facebook and try to add again after several weeks or months, as I will trip to different country and the data roaming is very expensive.

I tried to enter the old code above but it was rejected and mentioned as it is not valid.

but when I try to enter other new phone number, it's accepted.

Than I try to text to 32665 with REG FB, and I got answer, "you are now subscribe to facebook SMS untill 24/09/2011 and will continue automatically. To stop, text UNREG FB to 32665

Seems that my phone number still register in Facebook,

and thanks, and hope this experience will be usefull for other as well.

If you still have some problem, visit from your mobile phone.


Do you want to subscribe Opera Mini from TELKOMSEL but you don't know the how?
It's easy.

You can do the following 2 way :
1. Write a messages to 3636 with text OP ON
2. Or dial from your mobile phone *363#, and follow the option.

There are some option for subscription, but what I did was for 1 month (30 days), and every 30 days at 00:00 you will received a messages that your subscription is just continued for the next 30 days. The cost is Rp 30.000

To stop subscriobe, simply send a messages to 3636 with text OP OFF   or you can do throuh dialing *363# from your phone and follow the instruction.

If you don't have Opera mini, you can download it from

One step will raise 1 degree..

From Jabir R.A said, "people from Bani Salimah intend to move near to the mosque, and this information reach prophet SAW, and said "I heard that you are going to move near to the mosque?" they answer, "YES O prophet, we want to move near to the mosque". Prophet say "O Bani Salimah, stay in your current home because your former step will be written (Narratives Muslim)
In other narrative "every step will raise 1 degree" like Narrative by Bukhary from Anas R.A

Seed Program for KID

Here under below that Is good for KID, as per "Kick Andy" in MetroTV Show :

  • Easy Reader : This program will make you kid able to speak foreigner in only 6 months.
  • Metode Jari Aljabar : This method will tech your kid how to count fast using their finger. No more calculator needed
  • Metode Hanafida  This method is the best method for kid to memorise easily everything...

This is only my note to grow my KID, but hope will useful also for other people.
You can start googling to start find more information on above method.

From Raowha

Transfer "Pulsa" to Other IM3 User

If you are IM3 (Indosat) customer and would like to share your "Pulsa" to other IM3 user, here under the way...

Type  "Transferpulsa NoHP Nominal" and send to 151, example : TRANSFERPULSA 085716136600 10000 or other example  TRANSFERPULSA 085696118475 5000.

Hope this information is usefull


Start your Own Business

I'm actually start to study some Online Business, and I put this link below as a reference for me some day which to decide:

  1. Datacell, mainly  RELOAD for your mobile, PAYMENT for PLN, Asuransi, Telkom, Speedy, T-Cash and VOUCHER for Prepaid PLN, Telkomvision, YesTV, Onlilne Game.
  2. I will add more and more on the GO while searching the suitable one for me.
If you have some advise, you may write to me, so I can consider it.

Refill your T-cash from Telkomsel.

T-Cash (Telkomsel Cash) was firstly launce by Telkomsel on 2007, and I my self be a member from SMS broadcasting by Telkomsel.

To fill your T Cash, thare are only 2 available ways now,
  • though Telkomsel mitra, IDOMARET
  • through Grapari Telkomsel 
  • you can also use ATM bersama to fill your T-Cash.
I'm writing this because I got a messages from Telkomsel that you will get a 20% discount from 15 September 2011 to 31 October 2011 if you buy PLN Voucher(PLN Prabayar) through T-Cash.

To get that discount, just send your messages to 2828 with format : PAY PLNPRA meterno PIN 50000
(see, there are some space between those sentence, and meterno is your PLN Meter Number, and PIN is your T-Cash PIN)

for more info, *828# from your phone (make sure you are using your T-Cash SIM card)

Below list are the merchants that can receive your T-Cash payment.

  • Indomaret
  • Fuji Image Plaza
  • ITS
  • ITB
  • Jonas Photo
  • Toko Bagus
  • Detik Shop
  • Jawa POS
  • Telkom Vision - Yes TV
  • PDAM Denpasar Bali
  • PDAM Bontan Kalimantan

Below is the Tariff when you are using T Cash

1.Cash-inRp 1.000
2.Cash outRp 2.000
3.Transaksi menggunakan SMSNormal (HALO Rp 125, simPATI Rp  150, AS RP 149)
3.Transaksi menggunakan USSDRp 150 untuk prepaid (AS, Sp) dan Rp 125 untuk postpaid (HALO)

Below is The T Cash Service

No.Jenis LayananFasilitasSyarat
1.Basic ServiceMaximum transaction Rp 1.000.000,- 
re-fill  (cash in), buy and pay
2.Full ServiceMaximum Transaction Rp 5.000.000,- 
Re-fill(cash in), buy, pay, Cash (Pengambilan tunai) and Pin Change (Ganti PIN)
HALO customer or  SimPATI and  AS customer that already yograded his profile.

T Cash Future

No.Jenis fiturCara transaksi / Format pengetikan SMS
1.Cek SaldoSAL <spasi> PIN
2.Ganti PINCPIN <spasi> PIN lama <spasi> PIN baru
3.Bayar Kartu HALOPAY <spasi> HALO <spasi> NO HP <spasi> PIN
4.Bayar Telkom VisionPAY <spasi> TELVIS <spasi> NO Pelanggan <spasi> PIN
5.Bayar PDAM DenpasarPAY <spasi> PDAMDPS <spasi> NO Pelanggan <spasi> PIN
6.Info Tagihan PDAM BontangPDAMBTG <spasi> Kode Pelanggan
7.Bayar PDAM BontangPAY <spasi> PDAMBTG <spasi> Jumlah <spasi> PIN <spasi> Kode Pelanggan
8.Isi ulang pulsa SimPATI dan ASPULSA <spasi> NO HP <spasi> Nominal <spasi> PIN
9.Bayar webstore ( dan <spasi> NAMA MERCHANT <spasi> HARGA <spasi> PIN
10.Cek data transaksiTRX <spasi> PIN

Aktivate yout T-Cash
Send a SMS from your phone (only if you are Telkomsel customer):
REG TCASH Nama#Tanggal lahir#Nama ibu kandung Kirim ke 2828
REG TCASH Afif#07052004#Arniaty and send to 2828

Benefit of Agen / Shop
Mendapatkan keuntungan dari biaya isi ulang yang dibebankan langsung oleh toko kepada pengguna T-Cash. Biaya isi ulang yang dikenakan dengan memotong saldo toko sebesar Rp. 2.000,-

Cara transaksi Agen/Toko Datacell untuk cash in atau isi ulang T-Cash
FORMAT SMS (Nominal dalam ribuan) :
Contoh (Nominal dalam ribuan):
More information related to T Cash, visit

#410 958 109 870


Friday, September 16, 2011

Online Shopping

I'm buying an USB Modem, OPTION ICON from "jakartanotebook" ONLINE and it's impress me  they way they arrange "online" buyer.

I don't need to register like other website, but only filling a simple form containing e-mail, name, address...  and if you click the last button to get the receipt, it will send to your e-mail your transaction detail, what to pay (added 3 uniques number as a differentiation  from different buyer), and their bank account.

In the website, also available 1 day service using TIKI JNE (but for sure more expensive, but sometimes still cheaper if you have to go to the shop by your self). Just select your Province, and your Area/District. (let say, Jawa Barat, Bekasi)

Inside the e-mail also mentioning the link to click (like confirmation) once you have done the payment through ATM or internet banking.


and on 18 Sept 2011, I do a payment through Panin ATM.
Once I back and open my e-mail, I got automatic messages, that the "admin" receive the payment and will check.
And after some minute, I receive again a notification that my payment has been received, and my order will be sent tomorrow... woww....  great service!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Indonesian Airlines

Here below the list of Indonesian Airline that you can use to book the tocket online

  1. Garuda Indonesia
  2. Batavia Air
  3. Sriwijaya Air
  4. Lion Air
  5. Citilink
  6. Merpati Nusantara
You can use your VISA or Mastercard for online payment, and so far, is safe (as I did many times with different airline above). You can also using "" for transaction.

And this is one of the great website that you can COMPARE the "fare rate" of all flighs in Indonesia, so you can select the "Cheapest" price

Other airline but still not Online (but you can open the site to see the contact number for reservation) is below:

  1. Express Air
  2. Kartika Airlilnes
If you have a long holiday and vacation, you can try go to other Indonesia's big island using Pelni's Ship.
Here below the web site :

Hape, this isformation is usefull, and have a good trip....

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Be Sincere!

I saw today, many people are stress due to their JOB, and many thing

But I think, if you accept what you are, you will be free from stress,

Be IKHLAS (sincere), do everything correctly with your best, but the result give to GOD. That is ikhlas.
What ever the result, you should feel satisfied after your hard work, as there are some area that not in our control...
If you are thinking the area that you can not control... you will stress...

But also, if you don't believe in GOD, real peace will not perch on you.....